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The compost obtained from organic waste which is separated at source is an excellent fertiliser which is used as a soil-improver in the production of vegetables, fruit, flowers, large-scale cultivation and landscaping.
The list of CIC members shows you where to buy compost (green compost and mixed compost).


The "high quality" compost obtained from organic waste which is separated at source is an excellent fertiliser which is used as a soil-improver in the production of vegetables, fruit, flowers, large-scale cultivation, landscaping and public areas.

The "controlled quality" compost obtained from solid waste which is not separated at source can be used for landscaping and land recovery, and as a material for various technical uses.


Compost production at the European level has been constantly increasing in recent years, thanks to the expansion of the separate collection of organic waste as an operating priority in the integrated system of waste management. It has been estimated that approximately 6 million tonnes of compost are sold each year, of which 40% comes from Germany. About 70% of total EU production comes from Germany, Holland and Austria.

The annual production of compost in Italy (year 2011) is estimated to be between 1,300,000 tonnes per annum. The product is sold entirely in the fertiliser market in different ways:

  • The floriculture sector, where bulk compost is sold to the fertiliser industry which mixes it with peat and other substances to make compost for gardens, which is packaged and sold to the public in supermarkets and garden centres. This is considered the most interesting sector from the point of view of prices and the need for national products which are an alternative to peat;

  • Direct sale from the composting plant. Relatively small quantities of compost are sold loose directly to the consumer (the general public or professional gardeners), living near the plants;

  • A commercial use which is increasing in importance is the sale of compost to agricultural businesses for the enrichment of soil in the cultivation of open-field crops.











GVC = Compost produced from greenwaste only;
BWC = compost produced from food-, garden-waste and other feedstock


High quality compost is sold according to the indications and regulations indicated in the Law on Fertlisers (Law 75/2010 and successive modifications). This Law classifies compost as GREEN COMPOSTED FERTILISER, MIXED COMPOSTED FERTILISER and COMPOSTED FERTILIZER with SLUDGE.

High quality compost (excepting that containing sludges) can be used in organic agriculture (Law 2092/91 and modifications).

Stabilised Organic Fraction (SOF)

The controlled quality compost obtained from waste which is not selected at source, commonly known as SOF (Stabilised Organic Fraction), can be used in land reclamation and as a material for use with agronomic objectives. Landscaping/land reclamation needs large quantities of stabilised organic substances to improve the quality of other inert materials which are generally used. These activities include:

  • Landscaping of green areas along motorways and railways (escarpments, borders, embankments);
  • Construction of large-scale green areas, for example public gardens, golf courses, football pitches etc.;
  • Reclamation of areas previously used for quarrying;
  • Reclamation of polluted land, according to Law 22/97, article 22, which explicitly mentions the opportunity to favour the use of materials recovered from urban waste;
  • Landscaping of disused landfill sites.
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